Download memory tools.h for Making CPP Script File

We need memory tools for making CPP script files to compile C++ code. Without memory tools, we cannot assemble C++ code for making scripts to edit the android game’s value. After compiling, you can use the output file as a script. When launching any applications or games, you can directly modify the game’s Lib offset through a script.

Also, you can modify any application Library file with HEX Editor.

What is memory tools.h?

It is a helper that helps to compile C++ scripts and to edit android applications or games value.

Which type of value I can modify with these tools?

You can edit:-

  • Dword value
  • Qword value
  • Float value
  • And Offset

Which ranges it supports?

  • B_Bad – Memory “B”
  • Video – Memory “V”
  • C_ALLOC – Memory “Ca”
  • C_DATA – Memory “Cd”
  • C_HEAP – Memory “Ch”
  • JAVA_HEAP – Memory “Jh”
  • A_ANONYMOUS – Memory “A”
  • CODE_SYSTEM – Memory “Xs”
  • STACK – Memory “S”
  • CODE_APP – Memory “Xa”
  • Other – Memory “O”

How to use memory tools.h?

To use this paste memory tool.h and C++ file in the same folder. Then edit the C++ file in c4droid and compile.

How to execute after compiling?


  • To execute go to the terminal emulator application
  • “cd” your destination folder and give your compiled file to “chmod 777” permission.
  • Then type “exec your-file-name” & Press Enter
  • Done


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