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There are plenty of Android launchers on the Google Play Store. However, Some excellent apps aren’t available there. In this article, I will introduce you to the most powerful rooted Android launcher. This application has been in use for three years now. It won’t be found in the App Store. We can benefit from a rooted launcher in numerous ways, such as battery saving, app freezing, font changing, and more. You must root your phone to use this application. The greatest Android launcher in my experience is Cold Launcher. Let’s see what it offers.

Features of Cold launchers:

  • Basic features: This option has many options for customization. Let’s see
    • Theme Changing
    • Icon Size
    • Icon Text Size
    • Normalize Icon Size
    • Use Snow Badge
    • Hide Icon Text
    • Hide Tray Icon Text Only
    • Scroll Wallpaper
    • Grid size
    • Allow Rotation
    • Reserve Status Bar
    • Dock Background
    • Hide Page indicator
    • Disable Shortcut Creation
  • Gestures: 
    • Swipe Up
    • Swipe Down
    • Double Tap
  • Featured:
    • Disable Search page
    • Disable T9 Dialpad
    • Disable Freezing
    • Disable Icon Auto Arrange
  • Maintenance:
    • Backup Settings
    • Restore Settings
    • Restart Launcher
  • Advanced Features:
    • Hide apps
    • Icon Pack
    • Use Icon Pack Styling
    • Show Running Apps
    • Show Running Apps [ROOT]
    • Freeze after resume
    • Freeze after screen off
    • Freeze System App
    • Show Frozen System Apps
    • Silent Uninstall [Root]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cold launcher is best root launcher?

You will get many useful features like disabling system apps, showing running applications, and changing custom icons. Also, Battery friendly, has less RAM usage, less CPU usage, Stable, has easy UI/UX, is fast, has a smaller apk size, and has no hanging issues found.

Can I use Cold Launcher without root?

Yes, You can. But some features will not be available for non-root users.

Is Cold Launcher free or paid?

This application is free but has premium features. You can buy to get full features.

Can I use Cold Launcher as a default launcher?

Yes, You can. Set the default launcher from your phone settings.


From my 3 years of experience, I can say that this launcher is great. I’m still using this as a default launcher. I hope you will Love too. Please leave feedback on this app in the comment box.

Disclaimer: Rooting your Android device voids the warranty and may cause issues. This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Proceed at your own risk.