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A hex editor is an application that we can view any files in hexadecimal format. Not only we can view but also we can save a file after modifying it. Also, we can search and replace it with strings, hex, numbers, and offset. For reverse engineering purposes, a developer needs the best hexadecimal file editor application. If you have programming knowledge you can use the Hex editor app for your android. Like PC software we can edit files on android too. For more information, you can read this article about HEX Editor.

There are different types of hex editors for Android.  When choosing a hex editor for Android, consider your needs and read reviews to find the best option for you.

Let’s see the 2 best hex editors for android below.

1. HEX Editor – Developer “First Row”

hex-editor-first row

HEX Editor – First Row

On of the best hex editor app on the play store  (my opinion) is HEX Editor. HEX Editor by First Row is a powerful hex editor that can be used to edit a wide array of files. HEX Editor features a clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to access the app’s various features. This editor can be used to edit both binary and hexadecimal files. Hex Editor features several different tools that make it easy to create and edit your game files. 15K reviews on the play store & has 4.1-star ratings. This app was downloaded over 1M+ and published on FEB 8, 2016. Many features are available in this app. It needs your storage permission and support on Android 4.3 and up.

Package Name: com.myprog.hexedit

» Features of HEX Editor by First Row

  • From Interface options, you can change Language and Theme
  • In File manager – Show hidden files, Remember path, show full name, Text size, Sorting type, and sorting mode options available
  • Macro  editor options – Syntax highlighting, Auto spaces
  • Other options – Don’t lock the screen and When copy settings are available.

» Pros:

  • Supports editing big-size files
  • Good performance
  • Comfortable for eye

» Cons:

  • Banner ads showing on the editing screen

2. HEX Editor – WindHex Mobile – Developer ” Genesys East LLC”



This app is also good but not like the first one. It was released on Sep 10, 2019, and Downloaded by over 10000+ only. This app supports Android 4.1 and up, and needs Storage permission.

Package Name: com.GenesysEast.windhex

» Features of Hex Editor – WindHex Mobile

  • Theme – Gray, Purple, Blue, Red
  • File Manager Settings – Show hidden files, Show inaccessible files, Sort all folders, Sort all files, Show newest folders/files first on/off options available.
  • General Settings – Keep screen on, Save last directory accessed
  • Show recent files 

» Pros:

  • Light Weight
  • Fast
  • Simple

» Cons:

  • Showing Banner ads on the Footer and editing screen.

What is a Hex Editor?

– A Hex editor is a specialized type of software that allows users to view and edit files that are stored in Hexadecimal format.

These files are commonly used for storing data in computer programs, which is why Hex editors are used for modifying game files, software, and other digital assets. Hex editors can be used to edit both text and binary data. They provide users with a visual interface that makes it easier to edit these types of files. While Hex editors are helpful for a variety of tasks, they’re primarily used by developers to modify game files.

How to Choose the Best Hex Editor for Android.

– The first thing you need to do when choosing a hex editor for Android is to consider your needs. What do you want to use the hex editor for? Are you looking for a simple tool to edit text files, or do you need something more powerful that can handle binary files?

– Or if you just need to edit text files, any hex editor will do. However, if you need to edit binary files, you’ll need a hex editor that supports this type of file. Not all hex editors support binary files, so be sure to check before you download anything.


Though the Hex editor application for android is not much functional. We can edit general and small files. If you haven’t a PC then these apps can help you a lot. I think you will love these apps also. So if you like or dislike these apps please leave a comment in the comment box.