3 Exclusive Phone Tricks that Samsung phones can do [Blog Bites]

Samsung phones, acclaimed for their advanced technology and robust features, offer users a plethora of unique tricks to enhance their digital experience. Here, we highlight 3 exclusive Samsung phone features you won’t find on any other device.

1. Seamless Connectivity with Windows PC

Link to Windows App

Samsung phones offer unparalleled connectivity with Windows PCs via the Link to Windows App. While all Android phones offer this feature, Samsung phones take it a step further. It allows you to access recent apps on your phone directly from your Windows laptop’s taskbar.

# Access recent apps

Cross-Device Clipboard Sync

This feature is a game-changer for individuals who frequently switch between using a PC and a phone. In the settings, you can enable cross-device clipboard sync.

This means that if you copy a link on your Windows PC, you can instantly paste it on your Samsung phone — a seamless experience indeed!

2. Advanced Customization with Good Lock Modules

Download from Galaxy Store

Good Lock Modules, available for download from the Galaxy Store, unlock a whole new level of customization on your Samsung phone.

One Hand Operation Plus

One favorite Good Lock Module is the One Hand Operation Plus. This feature allows you to perform different actions based on the direction of your swipe.

For example, a simple swipe back can take you to the previous page, while a slightly upward swipe opens the Torch, and a slightly downward swipe opens the settings menu. This level of customization is unprecedented and exclusive to Samsung phones.

3. Innovative Text Extraction with Image Scan

Extract Text with Samsung Keyboard

The latest One UI from Samsung introduces an impressive feature – the Image Scan. To use it, all you need to do is…

  • Go to your Samsung keyboard,
  • Tap on the three dots, and select “extract text“.

This feature allows you to scan the text on any physical document. Such as a paper, photo, or card — and directly paste it onto your phone. This handy tool, similar to the iPhone’s text scanning feature, works exceptionally well on most devices.

“This is similar to iPhone and works really good.”

In conclusion, Samsung phones, with their unique features and advanced technology, truly offer a unique and enhanced user experience. Whether it’s seamless connectivity with your Windows PC, advanced customization with Good Lock Modules, or innovative text extraction with Image Scan, these features are unique to Samsung phones and set them apart from the competition.

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